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Swiss Kendama is a shop, a community, and an event organizer.

We have all the biggest and greatest kendama brands available! We pack up your packages and post it within a day with very competitive shipping prices.

Swiss Kendama is also an active community of players throughout Switzerland, we try our best to organize regular jams and events/competitions. 

We have a Kendama pickup point in Lausanne. Buy your favorite kendamas directly from Switzerland and enjoy fast shipping while avoiding customs fees!

Featured products

ECLIPSE - Slaydawg 3 Shape - KROM Kendama

Long awaited new KROM Shape, based on the beloved Slaydawg shape, mixed with the 2GOOD. Certified banger machine!
55.00 CHF

Spooky Mod - Alex Pro Model - 2UP Shape - Sol Kendamas

Sol is super excited to introduce Alex Mitchell's second ever pro model, the Spooky Mod.
59.00 CHF

INFINITY UZU - Mugen Musou

Made in Hiroshima Japan ONLY 5 AVAILABLE! EXTREMELY LIMITED Tama:maple/walnut Ken:maple Spike:maple Sarado : maple
85.00 CHF

Maple - Ascent 2 Shape by Cereal Kendama

Ascent 2 shape from Cereal Kendama Full maple
32.00 CHF

Cherry Splice - Ascent 2 Shape by Cereal Kendama

Ascent 2 shape from Cereal Kendama CHERRY - ASH - PURPLE SPECTRA PLY
34.00 CHF


Full maple setup JET Shape Pro Model
49.00 CHF


The easy cup kendama Made for beginners or collectors Funky shape with huge cups Perfect to first timers
15.00 CHF


Funky 5 cups kendama designed by Ozora with official japanese stamp
6.90 CHF

Mugen Musou INFINITY - Black Matt

The spike / Maple The spike (reserve) / Keyaki・Sakura The grip / Maple Tama (ball) / Keyaki String / Nylon Paint / MUGEN MUSOU exclusive urethane
79.00 CHF

Blue Cream Soda - 2UP Shape - Sol Kendamas

This is the second cream soda collab and the fifth kendama we have made alongside renowned Omurice chef, Yutaka Shimizu
55.00 CHF

Motty Pro Mod - 1UP Shape - Sol Kendamas

Motty is one of the best players in the world. You gotta follow him on Instagram to see how wild and unique he his. He definitly deserve a spot on the Sol pro team.
59.00 CHF

Kelvin Wong Pro Mod - 1UP Shape - Sol Kendamas

Kelvin Wong is a very high tech player, he's got popular with making the Cushion tap 180, called now the Wong tap.
59.00 CHF

Kendama String

XXL Kendama string
2.90 CHF

SK Neon - String Pack

xtra long 80cm 14+ fingers spinner bearing 6 colors - 6 strings
11.00 CHF 7.00 CHF

Premium care package

bought with a ken and tama, we will set it up for you, ready to play! with a stick of natural unprocessed beeswax from Les Marécottes (VS)
6.00 CHF

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Once you have joined a group, please introduce yourself in the language of the group, be respectful and avoid spam.

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