Kendama in Switzerland

The Swiss Kendama community is growing and very close-knit, we created a Whatsapp group in 2018 to motivate each other and pass information in case of events.

We are hosting a competition each year in Martigny (VS) in the summer and other various events throughout the year.

Stay tuned on Instagram!

If you already have a small community of players in your town/village, we will gladly create a page on our website to showcase your group so that new slayers can join you. Contact us via email or on our Instagram
You can pretty much contact anyone for advice and to propose meetings. We mainly use Instagram, most of us have a dedicated kendama account.

Looking for people to play with? Want to meet the community?

Join our Whatsapp group and participate in our jams and events! Everyone is welcome, don't be shy, we accept everyone!

There are a lot of people in this group, please don't spam and respect the rules of courtesy.

Kendama in Switzerland