Walk - OK Shape

Manufacturer: One Kendama
Technical details : - Tama OK Shape, 62mm, beech wood - Natty coating: no paint - Laser-etched design / optimal tracking - Ken OK Shape, 164mm x 75mm, maple wood - Balance hole - Engraving + logo - Fabric bag - Extra-string
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WALK is a natty kendama, meaning that the tama has no paint.

This means totally different playability and extreme durability. This kendama has been designed to last a very long time. The maple ken is extremely sturdy and provides excellent responsiveness for taps. The beech tama, a soft wood, is designed to take a beating and only get better at stalls (balancing the tama on the ken) over time. If certain figures (lighthouse, lunar) are a little complicated by the lack of accorche on the tama at the start, as the tama ages, the grip becomes more and more satisfying, thanks to the asperities emerging on its surface.

We created this model as an invitation to travel, to discover, to change. WALK will be the ideal travel companion for any exploration. Don't forget it when you set off on your next round-the-world voyage, and let the ONE K compass rose guide you in the right direction! Who knows, maybe you'll even reach your destination, 46º 13' 43'' N 6º 04' 18'' E? 

A beneficial practice for everyone, kendama is just waiting for you to achieve great things and, above all, incredible tricks!

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