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SPECIFICATIONS • KROM 2GOOD shape • KROM RFS clear • Rubberwood construction • Base Cup WARP HOLE • Tama size 62 mm • Ken height 163 mm • String length 70 cm
34.00 CHF

Blackout edition - Murals Series - Fusion Shape - 365 Kendama

The original Mural Series was where it all started at 365 Kendama. Our very first original design, it quickly became an all-time favorite. We knew we wanted to bring the concept back, but add an updated twist. We introduce to you: The Mural Mods- Blackout Edition. The same amazing design as the original Mural Series release, this time featuring all new colors and a black background aesthetic. There are three colorways to choose from: Red, Purple, or Teal. Each design is available in the latest Sticky or Rubber clear.
55.00 CHF


Legend Shape Beech Beech - Sticky Maple Maple - Cushion
Ab 45.00 CHF

Nonoka Pro Mod - Cushion/Sticky - Amped Shape

Cushion or sticky paint Amped shape Maple ken Beech tama
Ab 49.00 CHF

Kelvin Wong Pro Mod - 1UP Shape

Kelvin Wong is a very high tech player, he's got popular with making the Cushion tap 180, called now the Wong tap.
59.00 CHF

Motty Pro Mod - 1UP Shape

Motty is one of the best players in the world. You gotta follow him on Instagram to see how wild and unique he his. He definitly deserve a spot on the Sol pro team.
59.00 CHF

Spooky Mod - Alex Pro Model - 2UP Shape

Sol is super excited to introduce Alex Mitchell's second ever pro model, the Spooky Mod.
59.00 CHF