Running Dood - OK Shape

Manufacturer: One Kendama
Technical details : - Tama OK Shape, 62mm, cherry wood - 2 coatings available: Super Sticky and Antiskid Mat - Running Dood design / optimal tracking - Ken OK Shape, 164mm x 75mm, maple wood - Balance hole - Ken paintwork + logo - Running Dood" fabric bag - Extra-string
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If your heart beats for someone or something, you're to be envied!

The Runing Dood kendama has a unique visual. 

Released for Valentine's Day, it's a beautiful gift that will delight any companion. Above and beyond this annual celebration, the Running Dood is above all a tribute to love for oneself, for others and for kendama.

The Running Dood's design has been thought out to combine superb playability, thanks to optimal tracking, with a clean aesthetic that should warm your heart.  

The ken is made from maple wood, a solid wood that's highly responsive for insta tricks and taps, while the cherry wood tama is much softer and will let you do stalls like never before! 

The new clear Antiskid Mat is tough and incredibly soft to the touch. Its surface provides optimum grip for lunars and lighthouses: not too much, not too little. 

The Super Sticky, on the other hand, has an ironclad grip that will keep you from slipping forever!

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