Nonoka Pro Mod - Cushion/Sticky - Amped Shape

Fabricant: Sweets Kendama
Cushion or sticky paint Amped shape Maple ken Beech tama
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NONOKA! Sweets first female Pro and one of the most deserving players to ever get a Mod. Nonoka is an absolute slayer and has grown up with kendama since a young age. She trained in a JKA centric Kendama Dojo before joining the Sweets Japan team, has placed top 10 at the Kendama World Cup,  was the 2022 womens champion, and has crushed it at a number of other competitions around the world. 
We are so glad to have Nonoka on our team and we are excited to finally present her first Pro Model kendama to you all!!


  • KEN
    • Amped shape
    • Maple
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
    • Engravings
      • Nonoka silhouette 
      • Nonoka Signature
      • Sweets Crosskens
      • Rice paddle - KWC 2022 Womens champ 
    • Printing
      • Filagree pattern around small cup
      • White ring stall
  • TAMA
    • 62mm
    • Beech
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
    • Metal Spinner Bead
    • Replacement String
    • Stickers

A portion of every sale goes directly to Nonoka.
Follow Nonoka on Instagram: @nonoka_kyodo

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