Brown/Grey PLY - Zero1Up Shape by O!Captain x Sol

Hersteller: OKendama
Birch - ply wood hand crafted
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Fully European dyed, dried, laminated, hand-crafted and hand-coated by O! Captain at OKendama workshop from European Birch ply-wood! Level up your game with absolutely best in class ZERO1 shape by OKendama!
Product features: 
  • ZERO1Up shape KEN  (1pc);
  • European BIRCH ply-wood;
  • Ecologically died and laminated;
  • Green/Black/Natural colorway;
  • NAN!O coated finishing;
  • Balanced Ken for insane playability;
  • Enlarged cups;
  • O! Hole in base cup;
  • 17cm ken size; 
  • Average weight 88g (+-5%)
  • 70cm extra long satin string;
  • Metal spinner bearing;
  • Drawstring carry bag;
  • Best fit with 62mm Tama (NOT Included);
Be aware! 
This Ken is piece of art - product can be damaged if it is played. Be gentle -  laminated parts are prone to chipping more easily than solid hardwood product. If chipping is a concern, please choose another solid hardwood product instead! Some excess part of NAN!O coat could wear out if the product is used or scraped - this is a normal process. 
Designed in tiny Latvia where people are used to looking at things more closely. We polish, we angle, we untangle and we fine-tune until everything is just right. We pay attention to every detail and present you a new perspective of Slay! 
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