SK Spike Kendama glue

Hersteller: Swiss Kendama
Glue for your kendamas spike
6.90 CHF
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Use this glue to keep your spikes sharp when:

- You want spiking to stay as easy as a fresh Kendama
- You want to improve in Kendama, because your progression will not be slowed down by a flat spike
- You want you to make better use of your Ken
- You want your Kendama to last longer

Apply the glue easily to the tip with the brush.

Gluing the tip of your Kendama is a must for any player.

If you already have a flat-tipped Kendama, it is wise to sand it sharply and then glue it again. This makes your Kendama life a lot more pleasant.

This is super glue to maintain your Kendama. It is mainly used to apply a layer of glue to the tip of the Kendama, so that it stays just as sharp after weeks of play as when the Kendama is new. A well-formed tip is essential for any Kendama player.

The glue dries quickly and the brush makes it easy and very precise to apply to the tip. We recommend gluing no more than half a centimeter for two reasons.
1. You save glue
2. If you glue too far, the spike will become smoother and the Ken will be less good for the bird and stilt tricks.

There is only one situation where the player would not want to use glue: If you use the Border Balance trick. You balance the Ken with the tip on the Tama and the glue makes this very difficult. Players who do this trick often have 1 Kendama with a flat tip that is good for this and they still glue the rest.


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