Red Elm - NEMUS Shape by Missu

Fabricant: Terra Kendama
Missu's Nemus shape
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Looking for a fresh ken? You've come to the right place. 

Elm is a lovely species that is light in weight, with a soft feel that beats in nicely. If you lightly wet these kens, the grain can really pop open to give them some epic grip! Being a relative of keyaki wood, you know elm is going to make some great kendamas. 

These kens are made in our Nemus shape, which was designed by Terra pro Misumi Nakao. Built with wider stall points and capable of fitting a slightly larger tama (62.5mm), the Nemus shape is perfect for Missu's style of technical balance and stall tricks.

Nemus Shape
High Quality Elm Wood
Terra Leaf Engraving
Wide edges to lock stall tricks
Bottom cup hole for lunar balance
Black string & bearing bead for reduced string tangle
Ken Length: 16.38 cm
Sarado Width: 7.46 cm
Big Cup: 4.78 cm
Small Cup: 4.52 cm
Bottom Cup: 4.01 cm
Avg Weight: 69.2 g  



 Ken comes without packaging, but includes a spare string/bearing pack, and Terra stickers.

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