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Rosti Cup - Competition ticket

Get your ticket to participate in the competition in either beginner, intermediate or advanced.


Tricklist -

Beginner :

swing spike
lighthouse - fall in
around the world
pull up spike earthturn
bird in

Intermediate :
lightouse - flip lh - in
bird. flip small bird, flip in
big cup - kenflip big cup - in
airplane - j-stick
around the world with earthturn (around usa)
pull up spike - earthturn - inward earthturn
base cup - downspike


Advanced :
1-turn airplane, 1.5 jug spike
around stalls
2-tap jug spike
bird - trade lh - trade bird - in
Inward lunar, lighthouse, small cup lunar, inward lunar,in
lunar - jug, jug lunar toss, jug spike
-- added at later stage
whirly late
lunar tre
triple j jug spike (Luan speical)
triple lunar flip
1.5 jug, jug tap jug spike
1.5 jug bird

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