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Missu's Nemus shape Maple Ken Cherry Tama
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Missu has an unmatched kendama skill and style. We've been lucky enough to spend many trips together over the years with her in both Canada and Japan, and we're excited for Missu to now have her very own shape!

Missu is most at home playing kendama in nature and she wanted the design to reflect that, using dark green and leaf imagery. This mod also introduces the new Nemus shape, designed by Missu! This shape was inspired by the balanced form of the Aurum, but focuses on Missu's style of balance tricks. Slightly bigger tama (6.25cm), and thicker stall points hone this shape in for technical balances and stalls. Missu wants this new mod to reflect her own evolution, growth, and change - both in kendama and in life.

This batch features a maple ken, with your choice of either a bamboo or sakura tama on top. If you like a heavier setup, go for the bamboo. If you're looking for something lighter weight, try the Sakura.


Nemus Shape Logo


Missu's Nemus shape

Maple Ken, Sakura or Bamboo Tama
Ken and Sarado engravings 
Bottom cup for lunar balance
ベータ-ベータ ("beta-beta") sticky paint
Extra string and bearing pack included
Avg Weight (with Bamboo tama): 80.2 g ken / 85.6 g tama 
Avg Weight (with Sakura tama): 74.2 g ken / 74.6 g tama 
Ken Length: 163.8 cm
Tama diameter: 62.5 mm



A portion of all pro model sales get paid as a royalty to that pro, so by purchasing a Missu pro model, you help support Missu in her kendama journey. Extra stickers included with every order. 

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