SUMMIT KENDAMA - JET Shape - Collin Sander

Fabricant: Kendama USA
Full maple setup JET Shape
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In the Summer of 2022 Colin Sander embarked on an adventure with the goal of bringing Kendama to the highest point in North America: Denali. Bringing Kendama to this remote location is a small symbol for how far Kendama, and the Kendama community has grown and spread over the past 2 decades.

To commemorate this epic achievement, we worked with Colin on a limited edition collab: The Summit Kendama

Designed with visual tracking in mind, the tama features four engraved concentric circles at the apex serving as top spotter against a natural maple sky and mountainscape with the colors and light of the Alaskan mountains. This superstick coated tama is paired with an engraved maplewood Jet shaped ken.

Each Summit Kendama comes in limited edition summit bag and includes a stringing tool and replacement string and bearing. Help support KUSA Legend Colin Sander and pick up one of the Summit Mods. Limited quantities available!

Check out what Colin has to say about the Kendama below, and be sure to watch the full film: Kendama on Denali HERE.


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