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REVO - ASH - Aquamarine

Fully Crafted in Latvia at OKendama workshop by O!Captain from locally grown European Ash! Finished with our signature REVOLUTION premium clear coat.
Product features: 
  • 1pc European Ash Wood ball
  • 62mm
  • 23.5mm Tama bevel;
  • Yellow with Jet Black top tracking dot and natty ash bottom design;
  • REVO clear finish;
  • Matte look - extra grip;
  • String pack + metal bearing spinner;
  • Extra stickers;
  • Weight - approximately 78g  (could vary +-15% as every wood cut is unique);
Great fit for most modern Ken shapes - e.g. ZERO1, 1UP, Nova, Performer;
Be aware! 
Not suitable for children younger than 36 month.  
Designed in tiny Latvia where people are used to looking at things more closely. We polish, we angle, we untangle and we fine-tune until everything is just right. We pay attention to every detail and present you a new perspective of Slay! 
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