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Lotus Sacred

Lotus first and most famous design.

  • Maple wood for maximum durability and supreme quality
  • Biggest cups in the game - benefits beginners and pros
  • Warped base cup hole for easier lunars
  • Widened stall points
  • Beech tama for stalling everything
  • Sticky paint for landing balance tricks
  • Floral design for ultimate tracking
  • Largest bevel allowed in competition (GLOKEN approved)
  • 10 finger string (70cm) to accommodate player preference
  • Metal bearing
  • Replacement string included with an extra bead
  • Comes in soft Lotus cloth bag
  • Lotus sticker and special Sacred sticker

Lotus Sacred: Crown chakraWisdom. A direct link to our higher self and the source of all experience. “I UNDERSTAND.”

49.00 CHF