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Full maple setup JET Shape Pro Model
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The Joe Nelson Pro Model is made of a maple wood ken and beech tama. It features several tracking points and custom artwork that holds a special meaning. The ball features a deep red sunset fade with a white floral stripe around the center. The top shows a starry night and tree graphic, contrasting with the white and red stripes near the bevel. The tama is available in your choice of super stick or rubberized silk paint.

This impressive tama is set on a Jet shape Ken which has several unique graphics, plus the Kendama USA logo at the base of the handle. The rose symbolizes that the beauty in your hand will eventually wilt, so always go for it no matter what. The match represents the spark that starts everything; from a trick idea, a clip, or a moment during a competition. The moon is for the end of the comp, when the community gets together and vibes. The grafitti art on the basecup and the 908 area code are from his hometown and crew back in Jersey. The life force of Kendama is in the sesh.

A portion of every Pro Model sale goes to Joe! 


  • Custom designed for Joe Nelson
  • Maple Jet Ken and 62mm Beech Tama
  • Tama available in either Super Stick or Silk paint
  • Thick Sarado shaped for insane slingers
  • Large Cups for maximum Playability
  • Wide stall points with Crisp Cup Rims to lock in stall tricks
  • Deep Base Cup Hole for great weight distribution

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