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The Doods Day - One Shape

This is the very first kendama from the One Kendama brand. 

After long months of work on the OK shape and the design of the tama, we are very happy to present : The Doods - Day/Night.

Sur ces deux modèles très contrastés, comme jour et nuit, nos 4 amis les Doods sont là pour nous remind  to have fun everywhere and all the time. 

And you which team are you part of, night or day ?


The OK shape has been worked on by the mind and the practice of the OK team, in the complex exercise of a quest for perfection. Un sarado with large cups, a slender sword, a pronounced and thick ring, the massive handle, solid while remaining light thanks to its balance hole so as not to unbalance the lunars, optimized stall points by worked angles, an ideal curve for gunsliners, optimal balance for kenflips and any rotation, everything is combined to allow the realization of the best figures.

Beneficial practice for all, kendama is waiting for you to achieve great things and above all incredible tricks. 



- Ash ken / Ash tama

- OK Shape

- Weight matched ~3g

- Sticky paint 

- Balance Hole

- Tama 62mm

- Optimal tracking

- Extra string

- Metal bearing

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39.00 CHF
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