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REVO - ASH x Sapelli splice - Milky White dot

Fully crafted in Europe at OKendama workshop (Captain Latvia) from locally grown European Ash. Hand laminated half split design with African sapelli wood for better tracking and amazing aesthetics. Finished with revolution clear for best playing performance.
Product features: 
  • 1pc European Ash Wood ball with African sapelli laminated lamelle. 
  • 62mm
  • 23.5mm Tama bevel;
  • Milky White tracking dot;
  • REvolution clear;
  • Matte look - extra grip;
  • Signature drawstring tama bag;
  • Extra stickers;
  • Weight - approximately 80g  (could vary +-20% as every wood cut is unique);
Great fit for most modern Ken shapes - e.g. ZERO1, 1UP, Performer, Amped etc.;
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