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Nativ Dad Track - Mariner

A pure and efficient Tama design with no frills and timeless OG lines!

This colorway inspired by the famous French sailor in five thin stripes on a white background offers a "so frenchie" result that is a pleasure! The original Nativ logo is also affixed to the top of the tama.

The latter is passed in diameter 62mm, more adapted to the robust measurements of the Dad shape. The bevel has also been increased by 2mm (24mm) for generous and uncompromising spiking!!

Dad Track Techs :

  • Beechwood
  • Ken Dad shape
  • Tama design Track
  • Syrup " sticky " clear
  • long string (8 fingers)
  • Bearing
  • New Holographic Seal
  • Balanced Ken / Tama weight
  • Delivered in its pack including string + spare bearing, instructions, stickers.

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