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TC Jake Wiens Edition

Grain Theory TC Jake Wiens Edition

After the executive mod, Jake Wiens has developed his TC ( team collaboration ) !

The TC Jake Wiens edition is a wink to the old kendamas: plain red tama, white string, all turned in beech for quality stalls!

But don't worry despite this old fashioned design. It has all the characteristics of a modern kendama : sticky paint, basecup hole with a "Remember the past, Create the future" engraving around it, and the TC shape approved by the Grain Theory team.

Grain Theory GT-TC Jake Wiens Edition techs :

  • GT - TC shape
  • Beech
  • Sticky paint
  • Basecup hole
  • Bearing
  • Painted seal



GT-TC Shape



The GT-TC Shape has been developed by the entire GT team to suit all players' playing styles. Everything has been thought in the TC which stands for Team Collaboration. A beautiful sarado that will facilitate your lunars, your stalls but also your slingers. The swoop on the sword will give you a great grip for your kenflips and juggles. All you have to do is shred this already classic shape.



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