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Ken Only - Kaizen - Nova Shape - Maple

This ken is made of maple wood and features the Nova Shape. Maple is one of the most popular woods for kendama because it is a durable hardwood that is resistant to flaking, chipping, scratches, and dents. Its close-grain structure gives the ken a smooth feel and a beautiful grain pattern. If you like crisp sounding contacts a stiff feel during impacts like taps this is definitely the ken for you.

Features & Improvements

  • Larger Cups for Insane Playability Reduced Rocking
  • Increased Ken & Tama size from our Shift shape
  • Stall Points have been updated to lock in tricks
  • Perfect Nova Bevel Angle for Smooth Finishes
  • Drilled Base-Cup Hole for More Balance & Less Weight
  • Refined, Robust & Balanced Shape 100%
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