INFINITY UZU - Mugen Musou

Manufacturer: Mugen Musou
Made in Hiroshima Japan ONLY 5 AVAILABLE! EXTREMELY LIMITED Tama:maple/walnut Ken:maple Spike:maple Sarado : maple
85.00 CHF
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The challenge of new things must be faced with an inquisitive and probing mind. We create and create new paths to follow. When we overcome technical difficulties, we will encounter joy and excitement. Together with you, who can share this excitement.
MUGEN MUSOU, which continues to evolve through the integration of new technologies, has achieved the creation of "UZU (swirl)" by meticulously assembling wood milled to an accuracy of 0.05 mm. The walnut and maple swirls symbolize the re-engagement of individuals who have had limited interactions due to COVID-19 over the past years.
【Changes from the previous version】
Since the CHIGIRI release, we made the following changes. We slightly increased the size of the base cup and incorporated a gentle curve along the edges for a more ergonomic feel. Additionally, we added perforations to the base cup, which have become the standard for MUGEN MUSOU, to reduce weight and achieve a better balance. Furthermore, by using walnut around the tama hole, we have made it easier to discern the hole's position when the ball rotates.
.As a feature of INFINITY, this model can be disassembled into four parts. It is a unique customized Kendama that can be assembled to match your personal preference. Moreover, it is compatible with the Infinity Tip Replacement Kit.
【Material and Size】
Sarado : maple
Ken length:163mm
Sarado size:72mm
Tama size:61mm
Big Cup:48mm
Small Cup:44mm Base Cup:40mm
Coating:Smooth matte grip Accessories: Extra string, instruction manual
【Assembling method】
This Kendama can be broken down into four parts.(Tama, Sarado, Spike, Grip)
The sarado has two holes, a through hole and a string hole. Pass the string from the top of the tama through the half-round slit and tie a knot. Pull the string slightly and insert the spike into the sarado so that the engraved groove on the tip of the spike comes to the part of the string. A screw is attached to the spike, so it can be combined with the grip. To do this, turn the grip(clockwise)to tighten the screw. Turn it the opposite way(counterclockwise)to loosen the screw. Tighten until the engraved letter on the spike is covered. Also, there is a logo on the grip, so tighten until it is covered. Tighten until both markers are hidden and do not overtighten any more. Over-tightening may result in breakage. Please see the video below for more details.
Made in Hiroshima Japan
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