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TC Jacob Low Night Storm

This GT-TC is rather special because it announces the entry of Jacob Low ( @jacoblow_ ) in the Grain Theory Pro team.

The Night Storm is the second version of Jacob's GT-TC.

The design of this kendama is inspired by his favourite trick : the Cloud Bounce, which he invented himself.

You will find clouds on the tama that will help you to track, but also the kanji "Cloud" on the cup base.

Around the bevel, the signature "JL" is engraved which will improve the grip of your stalls after some sessions.

GT-TC Jacob Low Night Storm edition techs :

GT - TC shape
Sticky paint
Basecup hole


GT-TC Shape


The GT-TC Shape has been developed by the entire GT team to match all players' playing styles. Everything is designed in the TC for Team Collaboration, a beautiful sarado that will facilitate your lunars, your stalls but also your slingers. The swoop on the sword will give you a great grip for your kenflips and juggles. All you have to do is shred this already classic shape.


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