Benjamin Mastek - Signature BETTA - Pink

Manufacturer: Grain Theory
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The Benjamin Mastek mod is back! Known for his creative and impossibly smooth play style.

Benji has been a player favorite for years. The design of this kendama is based on Benji himself.

The fishermans beanie and unique tattoos are 2 things things that come to mind when thinking about Benji's style. The 62 mm cherry tama features its own little warm beanie complete with a GT button.

The ken is engraved with some of Benji's tattoos including the classic "First Try Or Die" and the "AAKCRU" crew tattoo.

Another new feature of this release is the new GT canvas bag! Sturdy and reusable for any thing you might want to keep stashed away.

You also might notice that there is an extra string and bearing but no stringing tool or plastic bag. This was a intentional decision to limit the amount of waste and plastic within our packaging. LOTS OF NEW THINGS!


This setup is full maple with a sticky paint.



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