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Activ Shinaji - Blastburn -Sweets clear

Cushion and ratio clear are handmade paints by kendama giant Sweets Kendama. They are more sticky and reliable than factory sticky and rubber.

Ratio is a sticker version of the classic sticky paint

Cushion is a stickier version fo the classic rubber paint


Shinaji Blastburn - the latest of our Pokemon theme-inspired series. The first new tama design on our Shinaji shape.
Designed for style and built for tracking, the Blastburn tama features orange and yellow/white fade split by teal tracking line, with signature "blastburn" around the bevel, top with white dot on top. Coated with our super tacky paint.

Shinaji shape provides a unique feel when plays. It is thick and slim at the same time. It manages to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you like stall tricks, lunars, taps, kenflips, slingers, or any other schemes, our shape will offer you the best quality of play.


SHINAJI shape maple ken
61mm beech tama tacky paint
12 finger string with metal bearing bead
with basecup hole for ratio clear - hollowcore for cushion clear

Weight varies from 170g -190g

Every kendama comes with extra string pack including string, bead, string tool, and stickers

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