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Stephanie Lussier GT-TC

Steph has always brought her own style to kendama while showing her dedication to the game over the years. On top of being the north American women's kendama champion she has been an inspiration to players from around the world. Both her skill as well as her smile encourage us to play more and be happy. When she isn't shredding knee bounces on the kendama she is teaching skiing to people from around the world. Steph's early videos and kendama pictures were either on the slopes or in the chair lift on the way up. The snow in this kendama represents Steph's roots in kendama, where she comes from, and her passion for teaching others. The color way allows you to enjoy a beautiful sunrise anytime of day. =)

- Maple GT-TC Stephanie Lussier edition.
- GT-TC Steph dama bag
- Extra String and Bearing
- GT Stickers

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