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Sticky paint
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- Tama OK Shape, 62mm

- Super Sticky paint

- Design half split / optimal tracking

- Ken OK Shape, 164mm x 75mm

- Balance hole

- iroiro engraving + logo

- iroiro box

- Extra-string pack


In Japanese, "iro" means "color". 

"iroiro", composed of color+color, means "diverse".

It is under the concept of diversity that One Kendama has chosen to create our second series of kendamas. 

The 5 models, Murasaki, Aka, Kiiro, Ao, Midori, are named after their color in Japanese and together form diversity.

By honoring each other's differences, we can best move forward together. 

Apart from that, the kendama is amazing!

The sticky paint of the Tama is extremely effective for tricks that require a good grip, as well as remarkably strong. The Ken was created to allow the best possible balance between each type of trick:

- Wide cups with curves to facilitate gunslinging.

- Optimized stall points. 

- A solid, responsive base cup that promotes rotations, taps and instas, lightened by a balance hole for better lunars.

These advantages are summed up in the name of the OK Shape. 


A beneficial practice for everyone, the kendama is just waiting for you to achieve great things and especially incredible tricks!

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