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Lotus Ken Only - Purpleheart

Lotus Solo Kens are here to save the sesh! Snag a ken in your favorite wood types to mix, match, or bless a tama with something fresh. 

  • Sacred Shape (+comfortability)
  • Base cup hole (+lunars)
  • 70 cm string (+10 fingers)
  • Bearing (+anti-tangle)
  • Lotus Sticker (+extras)
  • Lotus Cloth Bag (+extras)

 ***Due to the nature of wood density, these kens have a huge variance in weight! Purpleheart, Hickory, Cherry, and Walnut will probably be heavier than usual, while Ash, Bamboo, and Birch will probably be lighter than usual. If you need a specific weight, email and we’ll do our best to help you.***

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