Wenge & Rubberwood - Gyro Shape by Max Angel

Hersteller: Terra Kendama
Gyro shape Wenge & Rubberwood
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Looking for a fresh ken? You've come to the right place. 

Wenge wood is very dark in colour, and very dense in weight! Rubberwood is lighter in weight and softer in feel, making for some great contrast against the dark purple grain. With a heavy purpleheart sarado, these kens are built to slay your favourite lunar tricks. 

These kens are made in our Kocho shape, which was designed by Terra pro Rodney Ansell to be a modernized shape that could cater to his unique style of play. 

"Ever since I started making kendamas in 2014, I've learned a lot about different shapes, their attributes, and what I like in a kendama. With every ken that I've made, I've gotten a little closer to this shape, which I've decided to call the Kocho shape (Japanese for favourable, or good shape)." -Rod

Kocho Shape
Purpleheart & Rubberwood
Terra Leaf Engraving
Sharp edges to lock stall tricks
Bottom cup 'bullet-hole' for lunar balance
Black string & bearing bead for reduced string tangle
Ken Length: 16.48 cm
Sarado Width: 7.29 cm
Big Cup: 4.85 cm
Small Cup: 4.59 cm
Bottom Cup: 3.99 cm
Avg Weight: 85.2 g  



 Ken comes without packaing, but includes a spare string/bearing pack, and Terra stickers.

 Shape Comparison Chart

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