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Grain Theory TC Hybrid Walnut / Maple

Grain Theory never stops innovating their kendamas, the GT-TC Hybrid are once again the proof !

The recipe of a good lunar balance: a heavy sarado and a light sword, Grain Theory has combined a walnut sword with a maple sarado!

In addition to giving it a unique look, your setup will be balanced like never before !

The tama has a walnut core, the rest is maple and it mixes the design of the Roku and the Stitch to stick even more to the hybrid side of this kendama.

Grain Theory TC Hybrid Walnut / Maple techs :

GT-TC shape
Tama : maple
Ken : maple and walnut
Sticky clear
Basecup hole
Laser engraving

GT-TC Shape

The GT-TC Shape has been developed by the entire GT team to suit all players' playing styles. Everything has been thought out in the TC which stands for Team Collaboration. A beautiful sarado that will facilitate your lunars, your stalls but also your slingers. The swoop on the sword will give you a great grip for your kenflips and juggles. All you have to do is shred this already classic shape.


The American brand from Portland was born from the association of two kendama legends. Jake Wiens, founder of The KenGarden, pro player at Kendama USA and Mathew Rice. The two players had the idea of creating something new in the world of Kendama. By producing small batches of high quality as their slogan "Small batch, Big idea" states. And they succeeded, because the GT kendamas are now highly coveted by players all over the world and are recognised as some of the best models.

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