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Bamboo Spliced Ken Only - Ascend Shape

Ascent merges the best of Performer and Elevate, while introducing new upgrades to improve play. Tweaks such as a thinner sarado, bigger cups and an all new balance hole result in improved gunslingers and lunars. All these changes were made possible through your feedback.

Ascent is a taller kendama (16.9cm tall) with a 75mm sarado, longer stall points and a strong lunar balance. 

This ken features:
- Ascent Shape
- Bamboo/ Rosewood Splice Ken
- 2 x 15 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead
- Cereal Kendama Stickers
- Upsized Kendama Bag

Verfügbarkeit: 5 auf Lager
35.00 CHF