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Nativ Pastel Lilac

Nativ Pastel

Discover the latest Nativ Pastel collection! A fresh series for the summer season. Available in 4 colours.

This Lilac tama features the Crown design in pastel and three shades of blue, with a new graffiti edition Nativ logo top scope.

The ken is made of Beech wood and turned in the French Jura region, and features the Better Dad Shape (no Gradiant hole). Each setup has been optimized for the best possible balance. You won't be disappointed!

Nativ Pastel Lilac Techs :

  • Beechwood
  • Ken Better Dad shape
  • Tama design Pastel
  • New Extra Bevel
  • Syrup "sticky" clear
  • Long white string (8 fingers)
  • Bearing
  • White holographic seal
  • Ken / Tama balanced weight
  • Delivered in its pack including string + spare bearing, instructions, stickers.

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